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Don’t Let the Bed Bug Myths Bite

Bed bugs seemed to have emerged as a new public health nuisance, but they were actually quite prevalent at the beginning of the twentieth century. Their presence was significantly reduced by the development and subsequent wide-spread use of DDT for pest control. When that was banned by the EPA in 1972, bed bugs were free to reestablish themselves and spread to new places and unfamiliar populations. If you’ve been taken in by the latest round of bed bug hysteria, here are some facts that can help you address any misconceptions or – even worse – an infestation.

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Reclaim Your Yard From the Mosquito Invasion

Arkansas offers some very nice weather for entertaining outdoors, and luckily it shows up around football season. But all your menu planning and playlist selection will be for naught if the mosquitoes chew through your entire guest list before kickoff. Here are some simple lawn pest control tips to make sure you’re not stuck hosting the entire tailgate party inside your home.

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Sick of Flies? Prevention is the Best Medicine

Summers in Arkansas provide the perfect combination of heat and humidity for flies to prosper. Unfortunately, they seem to flourish in our kitchens or at our barbecues. There’s no better time than now to get the jump on flies, get them out of your home, and keep them away.

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Green Pest Control: Facts, Fiction, and Feasibility

The days of spraying whatever killed the most bugs the fastest are thankfully over. More homeowners are seeking ways to keep nature at bay without harming the environment or putting their family at risk. Here are some products and tips you can use in your home.

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Termites: A Good Offense is the Best Defense

Being proactive is the best way to protect your home from all manner of threats. That’s why you purchase insurance and install smoke alarms. Don’t stop there. If you don’t have termites, there are ways to safeguard your home. And many of them don’t cost more than a little effort. These termite control tips from the professionals can help you avoid the expense and frustration of infestation.

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