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Bothered by Mosquitoes? Ask us about a Mosquito Treatment Plan!

Mosquitoes bother most Arkansans so much during the summer that we jokingly refer to them as our state bird. They crash our cookouts and family outings, and can be such a nuisance that we might think the only thing we can do is stay indoors all summer and watch television. Is there anything we can do to fight back!

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A few tips to keep your home free from cockroaches

Is there anything more irritating than cockroaches? There are over 4,000 species of cockroaches in the world, and the ones we have here in Arkansas are some of the biggest. They eat everything, they can live for a week without a head, and they can run up to 3 miles per hour. There are even rumors that they can survive a nuclear war. In our centuries-long war with cockroaches, they seem to have the upper hand!

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Three ways to fight back against an ant invasion

When the weather begins to get warmer, nature becomes much more active. We all love to see the flowers bloom and feel the warm sunlight, but we also spend a lot of time outdoors swatting insects. And if that wasn’t bad enough, we also have to deal with the constant risk of discovering a swarm of ants in our around the house.

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The Bug Man is Here to Help You Keep Mosquitoes Away!

There are a lot of popular summertime traditions in Arkansas, and like it or not, swatting insects is often one of them. Outdoor activities can quickly become infested with bugs, and mosquitoes are some of the most frequent party-crashers that we have to deal with. Maybe we’d all just be better off sitting inside and watching television and staring at our computers all summer, right?

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The Bug Man offers Termite Inspection services by the most experienced professionals in the business!

Did you know that termites are responsible for more property damage than fire, floods, and tornadoes combined? It’s true! Most homeowners unfortunate enough to encounter termites don’t find out until they have caused thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. In fact, extensive termite damage can even make a home structurally unsound and unsafe for both you and your family.

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