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Mouse in the House: Not Just Creepy — Destructive & Potentially Deadly

Now that it’s getting colder, you’re not the only warm-blooded creature seeking shelter in your home or business. Mice pest control is at its peak, along with rodent and rat eradication, because these unwelcome visitors cause all kinds of problems once they get inside.

The Bug Man, Inc., with residential and commercial services throughout Arkansas, has experienced rodent pest control technicians to handle any infestation.

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Wild Animals Can Destroy Your Home & Make You Sick — Literally

While The Bug Man, Inc., is an expert on all types of pest control, in this article we’re going to focus on three kinds of wildlife — and the havoc they wreak once they get inside your home. Specifically, we want you to know why it’s usually best to leave bat, raccoon and skunk removal to us.

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Rid Your Home of Rude, Uninvited Pest Animals

It’s human nature to want to deal with it yourself when pesky critters get in or around your home — and they’re bound to eventually, especially in the South. But all those articles you’ll find online have a common theme: Sometimes it’s best to call a professional.

Throughout Arkansas, The Bug Man Inc., has been trusted since 1976 to come to the rescue when your abode has been invaded.

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Wildlife Removal for Sanity’s Sake

Summer is over, and now it’s that time of year when varmints start searching for their winter homes. Unfortunately, our own homes offer a pleasant winter vacation spot for critters. Squirrels, mice, and other nuisance animals can and will find all opportunities for refuge that your home may present.

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Things Get a Little Squirrely in the Fall

Fall is a beautiful time of year. The weather’s perfect for being outside and enjoying the season as the foliage turns. But Autumn presents a special set of circumstances for home owners when it comes to dealing with a boom in the local squirrel population. If squirrels take over your yard, take action before the little critters drive you nuts.

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