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Is Your Crawlspace Making You Sick?

Is Your Crawlspace Making You Sick?

If you’re like most homeowners, your crawlspace is an area you avoid, preferring to avoid the dank, damp conditions that seems to give a home to all sorts of icky things. But those conditions are exactly why many crawlspaces need attention. Just do a Google search on “moisture control in crawl space,” and you’ll pull up a laundry list of items that, if left unattended, can lead to all sorts of problems including making you and your whole family sick.

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Keep Wildlife in the Wild and Out of Your Home with The Bug Man Inc!

Let The Bug Man handle all of your pest animal removal!

It’s 2 a.m. You were sleeping soundly, but you’ve been awakened by a strange, squeaky sound, followed by what sounds like a brush being run across the ceiling, then tiny feet running. You lay still hoping it’s your imagination. However, you soon realize: your home has been invaded by uninvited animals.

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It’s Fall and Rodents Want to Move In to Stay Warm. Call The BugMan and Send Them Packing!

When Mice Clam Your Skin, Let the Bug Man in, and You Will Win!

With the change of seasons, cool weather is returning, and homeowners aren’t the only ones looking to keep warm indoors. In fact, many homeowners may start to notice they have unwanted houseguests – rodents – as they, too, seek shelter from the elements. To promote public vigilance against rodents and the hazards they pose, the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) has declared October 23-29 to be Rodent Awareness Week. The Bug Man, Inc. is joining NPMA in this important effort by educating homeowners on the threat of rodents and how they can lessen their chances of an infestation.

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Keep Your Attic Pest Free as the Weather Warms Up

No Matter the Rodent, We Can Safely Remove Them For You

As spring prepares to give way to summer you might think you’ll have a respite from animals trying to make your house their home, especially in the attic. Unfortunately, you’d think wrong. Although animal infestations are more common in wintertime as animals of various types seek refuge from the cold, safety from predators, and a nice handy food source, infestations can and do happen all year round. After all, they love everything you love about your home, and all they need is a way inside.

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Call the Experts to Get Rid of Those Unwanted Pests

Sooner or later, every home is faced with the outside trying to come inside, and a bug infestation isn’t just unsightly, the germs they spread are a health hazard. And it’s not just bugs that create problems and spread disease. Mice and rats are a big problem, while squirrels, bats, and birds, once inside, can be difficult to remove.

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