Managing your company’s fixed costs is always challenging, but there are plenty of ways to “tighten your belts” and keep your company profitable. If your business operates a warehouse or other large facility, the costs to keep the lights on and keep your employees comfortable can be staggering at certain times of the year. The good news is that The Bug Man carries pest control door sweep brushes to fit dock levelers, rolling/overhead doors, and even aircraft hangar doors.

Door sweeps are ideal for uneven surfaces and can seal gaps up to four inches around and underneath doors. They feature hard bristles that are more effective than a rubber gasket or weatherstripping, and they’re a one-time expense that can make an immediate impact on your energy costs. Here are three of the top benefits you’ll enjoy once you install door sweep brushes:

Pest Control-Door sweep brushes are a humane and chemical-free alternative to traps and poisons, and they’re highly effective at keeping out insects, spiders, and other small pests. They also block out light and smells that attract insects and rodents.

Energy Savings-Rubber gaskets and conventional weatherstripping are effective at minimizing thermal transfer from indoors to outdoors, but they struggle to form a tight seal on an uneven surface. Door sweep brushes have rigid bristles that will naturally adjust to the floor’s contours and snap firmly into place. In addition to minimizing thermal exchange, door sweeps will also help you keep out dirt, dust, and rainwater.

Improved Air Quality-There are a lot of advantages to improving your business’ indoor air quality (IAQ). Your HVAC system includes an air filter to trap particles and other pollutants, but it has to work a lot harder when excess dust and pollen find their way inside. Door sweeps are a proactive way to improve IAQ and prolong the longevity of your heating and cooling systems.

Light and noise abatement-Insects and rodents are naturally attracted to sound and light, and pest control door sweep brushes are better than conventional weather stripping when it comes to light and noise abatement. They’ll also help reduce the sound of traffic noise and other distractions inside your warehouse or workshop.

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