Three ways to prevent mosquitoes from ruining your outdoor activities.

No one makes it through an Arkansas summer (or fall!) without at least a few mosquito bites. Not only can mosquitoes be a biting nuisance, but they can also cause allergic reactions in some people and pets. Certain species can spread dangerous illnesses such as dengue fever, West Nile virus and Zika virus.

Mosquito removal is of paramount importance to enjoy a summer free of the pests, and once gone, The Bug Man recommends these three things to make sure they stay gone:

Minimize Standing Water-Mosquitoes only need a thimble-sized amount of stagnant water to reproduce. Make sure water in birdbaths isn’t stagnant, that water circulates properly in water features, and that pet water bowls are changed daily. To truly get rid of mosquitoes means you have to get rid of their breeding grounds as well.

Plant Smart-Backyards are often filled with places a mosquito can hide, reproduce or feed. Planting smart and keeping vegetation growth in check can cut down on the number of mosquitoes in your yard. Be sure to trim, prune, weed and mow often to keep vegetation under control because mosquitoes love to hide in damp, dark places. Consider plants such as citronella, mint, and garlic, which are particularly effective as mosquito repellents, as well as chrysanthemums and marigolds. In addition to repelling mosquitoes and other insects, they attract dragonflies, which prey on other insects without bothering humans.

Turn on the Fans-Most mosquitoes are poor flyers, so a simple deterrent is to make it difficult for them to fly. Consider installing a fan on your deck or patio, or even bring a portable fan outdoors.

Before your backyard event, give The Bug Man a call at (501)663-9464 or contact us online at this link to ask about our mosquito removal services, and enjoy your backyard free of mosquitoes.


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