Fall is almost here, and every Arkansan is looking forward to lower humidity and milder outdoor temperatures. This is a perfect time to schedule those backyard cookouts that you’ve been putting off all summer, and moving your TV to the back porch is the next best thing to being in the stands as you root for the Razorbacks or your favorite NFL team! But if you want to enjoy your time outdoors uninterrupted by mosquitoes and other pests, our team at The Bug Man is always a phone call away!

We’ve been the most trusted pest control company in Little Rock for over 45 years, and we’re also proud to serve customers in neighboring central Arkansas communities, including Benton, Hot Springs, Pine Bluff, and Searcy! We offer monthly mosquito treatment plans each year from April through October that start at $75 monthly for an average-sized yard. There are also several easy things you can do on your own to stop mosquito infestations before they start!

Eliminate mosquito habitat-Mowing your lawn is always your first line of defense against insect infestations. Be sure to prune your hedges and any other yard vegetation adjacent to your home, and contact a tree service if you have any overhanging tree limbs that are in direct contact with your roof.

Eliminate mosquito breeding grounds-Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water, so add some gravel to any areas in your yard where rainwater accumulates and sprinkle in some leftover coffee grounds to prevent mosquito larvae from growing. It’s an easy DIY project to install a circulation system in your outdoor Koi pond or water feature, and you should empty kiddie pools and pet water dishes after use.

Use repellents-Citronella candles and tiki torches are a great way to keep away the insects at night, and you can also add a few drops of clove, cedar, eucalyptus, or lavender oil to a spray bottle for a natural repellent that smells great! An outdoor herb garden is an excellent option for home chefs who love the convenience of having fresh ingredients on hand at all times, and rosemary, peppermint, basil, and sage are all natural mosquito repellents!

If you have any questions about our mosquito treatment plans or would like to schedule service,, contact us online, or at 501-663-9464.


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