Have you ever hosted an outdoor cookout and felt like you were on the menu? You’re not alone! As much as we all love calling The Natural State home, there are certain times of the year when mosquitoes, flies, ticks, and other nuisance insects make us think twice about spending time outside.

When it comes to mosquitoes, treatment is most effective with a proactive approach. This means keeping your lawn mowed, your hedges trimmed, and eliminating standing water accumulation in your yard. There are certain flowers and plants with natural insect repellent properties that you can plant in your garden, and low tech solutions such as outdoor fans, mosquito netting, and citronella candles. You would also be surprised at just how affordable that a mosquito treatment plan can be!

The Bug Man has been helping Arkansas homeowners protect their homes from unwanted insects and wildlife for the past four decades, and we’re always a phone call away when you need help. In addition to providing termite inspections, humane animal removal services, and treatment for bed bugs and other household pests, we also offer mosquito treatment plans each year between the months of April through October. Our monthly service plans start at $75 a month for an average-sized yard, and our treatment is safe around children and pets.

Whether you want to hold cookouts for your family and friends, play catch with your kids, or simply sit in your favorite lawnchair with a cold drink in your hand, your yard will be yours, and yours alone! If you have any problems between your regular service calls, we’ll be there to take care of them, and we also offer single visit treatments if you want to prepare for a party or a special event!

If you have any questions about our mosquito treatment plans, or would like to schedule service, contact us online, or at 501-663-9464. Be sure to also click here to see our money-saving coupons!


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