All businesses have plenty of bills to pay each month, most of which will predictably increase in the coming years. Utility providers operate legal monopolies that have the authority to raise rates as they see fit, and the only remedy business owners have is finding effective ways to reduce their energy consumption. The Bug Man is here to help, and we proudly offer door sweep brushes for dock levelers, rolling/overhead doors, and aircraft hangar doors. In addition to reducing thermal transfer, brush sweep door seals are also a great way to keep the pests away and improve your indoor air quality (IAQ)!

Pest control door sweeps feature hard bristles that rigidly snap into place on uneven dirt or concrete surfaces to form an effective seal for gaps of up to four inches around and underneath doors. They’re more effective at preventing thermal exchange from the outside to the inside than rubber gaskets or conventional weatherstripping and typically take less than an hour to install. They’re also highly affordable and easy to replace once they begin to lose their effectiveness. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll experience after installing pest control door sweep brushes:

Lower Energy Costs-Door sweep brushes have rigid bristles that naturally adjust to the contours of any surface to minimize thermal exchange. Door sweeps also help you keep out dirt, dust, and rainwater and maintain a cleaner shop.

Reduced pest activity-Door sweep brushes are a great way to block out light and smells that attract insects and rodents, and they’re a humane and chemical-free alternative to traps and poisons. Maintaining a tight seal around external doors also makes a significant difference when it comes to light and noise abatement. Insects and rodents are more likely to remain outside if there aren’t sounds and light to entice them inside.

Higher Indoor Air Quality-Air quality is important in any workplace, and brush sweep door seals are an excellent first line of defense. If you can effectively keep dirt, dust, and pollen outside, your HVAC system and air filtration systems won’t have to work quite as hard to keep your workers safe and comfortable.

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