All property owners are equally vulnerable to bed bugs in Arkansas.

More accurately, every property owner in the U.S. is susceptible to an infestation – an unsettling fact that holds true for several reasons. An industry study conducted last year found bed bugs were continuing to infest properties at increasingly higher rates, particularly private residences.

Here are a few reasons they’re very indiscriminate pests:

1 Adults grow to be around 1/5-inch long and 1/8-inch wide, varying in color from reddish-brown to mahogany. Bed bugs have extremely flat, oval bodies – making them more difficult to detect because they can squeeze into just about any nook or cranny to hide during the day.

2 Unlike many insects, like cockroaches, they don’t come into your home or business because it’s dirty. They aren’t looking for food or water, which typically are easier to find in unclean environments.

3 These blood-suckers favor human blood to feed on over any other… Creepy, right? But they also will feed on other warm-blooded animals.

4 Just as cleanliness plays virtually no role in bed bug infestations, there aren’t many preventative measures to avoid their entry into a home or business. It’s basically a crap shoot in terms of whether they’ll get in because they can sneak into just about anything, including suitcases, boxes, and other belongings.

5 You can, however, avoid bringing used mattresses, box springs, and furniture into your home. If eggs are present, it’s highly unlikely you’ll notice because they’re practically invisible to the naked eye on most surfaces.

6 Once they get in, you’ll soon realize how quickly they can spread throughout a building – and how resilient they are. For example, adults can survive a year or more with no food supply and can live all winter in an unheated building. If you notice signs of infestation, seek professional bed bug treatment immediately.

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