Although bed bug populations declined significantly during the mid-20th century, the U.S. is one of many countries currently seeing a disturbing increase.

    While the exact cause is unknown, experts have narrowed it down these most likely suspects:

  • More travel, both internationally and domestically.
  • Decreased public awareness of control methods.
  • Continued decline of government health agency pest control programs.
  • The possibility of increasing resistance to some pesticides.

So what should you do if you find yourself with bed bugs? While it’s certainly not a pleasant experience, the good news is that professionals in bed bug treatment, like The Bug Man, can make getting rid of them as easy as possible.

Here’s how:

1 First of all, don’t get rid of your mattress. Replacing it won’t necessarily end a bed bug infestation – and worse, a new mattress could just as easily be infested.

2 Rather than treating your mattress with a product, we provide mattress encasements that entomb the bed bugs. This creates a win-win, with customers being able to keep their mattresses while protecting them from future infestations.

3 But let’s not forget that bed bugs aren’t content to remain solely on your bed. So it’s important to understand that insecticides are necessary for complete elimination.

4 We use various, advanced treatment methods to annihilate this pest from your home or business. Application involves treating all cracks and crevices where the bugs are discovered.

Not sure if you have bed bugs? Look for spots of fecal material often left in plain sight. Fecal spots and bloody spots left on sheets and pillowcases when engorged bugs are crushed are clear indicators of an infestation.

Click here for more information about these nasty little creatures and how to get rid of them.

We’re Little Rock bed bugs’ worst nightmare – so don’t let them cost you one more night of sleep. Call the best bed bug control Arkansas has to offer at 501-663-9464, or contact us here for more information, including free estimates.


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