bedbugsWhether you’re taking a business trip or a family vacation, you owe it to yourself to leave no stone unturned to find a quality hotel. Your hotel room is your home away from home, and it’s worth spending a little extra to seek quality accommodations with trusted hotel brands. Unfortunately, you’re just as likely to encounter bedbugs at a five-star hotel as you are at an inexpensive roadside inn. Bed bugs live where large numbers of people sleep, and they also like to stow away in luggage. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do on your own to protect yourself from bedbugs when you’re traveling.

Our pest control specialists at The Bug Man have been helping Arkansas homeowners keep their homes pest-free since 1976, and we’re always available when you need to schedule bed bug treatment! Bed Bugs are about ⅛” in size, and they feed on humans and animals. They don’t carry any diseases, but people who sleep in an infested bed often wake up covered in insect bites. Your best defense against bed bugs is a good offense, and these easy tips will help you keep your family safe from an infestation as you travel.

Checking in-When you check into your room, you should inspect the bed linens before you unpack your suitcases. Pull back the bedding and inspect the mattress for evidence of bed bug activity, particularly in the corners. You’re more likely to find bloodstains than bugs. If you see anything you don’t like, you should ask for another room or move to a different hotel.

During your stay-Bed Bugs can’t fly or climb very well, so make sure to keep your suitcases and clothing off the floor while you’re in the room. Use the luggage rack for your suitcase, and inspect the corners of your suitcase for stowaways before you check out.

When you get home-Wash all of your clothes in the hottest water possible as soon as you get home, even if you didn’t wear them. Be sure to also check the corners of your luggage one more time before you put them away.

If you have any questions about treatment of bed bugs, or if you want to schedule service, contact us online, or at 501-663-9464.


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