Is there anything more irritating than cockroaches? There are over 4,000 species of cockroaches in the world, and the ones we have here in Arkansas are some of the biggest. They eat everything, they can live for a week without a head, and they can run up to 3 miles per hour. There are even rumors that they can survive a nuclear war. In our centuries-long war with cockroaches, they seem to have the upper hand!

In the fight against household pests, The Bug Man is always in your corner! We’ve been keeping Arkansas pest free since 1976, and we’re always a phone call away when you need to schedule your annual termite inspection or end an infestation. Here are a few tips to help you take a proactive approach to controlling the spread of cockroaches.

Eliminate Food Sources and Entry Points-Cleanliness is an important part of pest control because most unwanted insects and wildlife wander into warm and damp places in search of food. Unfortunately, it’s only one weapon in your arsenal. Cockroaches will literally eat any organic material they encounter, but they can also survive for a long period of time without food. You should also get some caulk and seal up cracks and crevices around pipes, windows, and doors.

Reduce Household Clutter-Cockroaches love dark and damp places, and a cluttered home provides many options. You’ve probably been meaning to simplify for a while, and there’s no better time than the present to get rid of all of those cardboard boxes in the garage and attic. It’s okay to keep the things that are really important, but you should keep them in airtight plastic containers.

Use Glue Traps-Cockroach sprays are only effective if you manage to land a direct hit, and don’t last long enough to be very effective in bait form. Glue traps are inexpensive and usually safe to use around pets and children. Be sure to read the instructions on the packaging and replace them at least as frequently as the manufacturers recommend.

If you have any questions about roach control, or would like to schedule a service appointment, contact us online, or give us a call at 501-663-9464.


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