A few easy tips to help you have a cockroach-free home

There are few things that homeowners enjoy less than turning on the kitchen light in the middle of the night and watching cockroaches scurry away into the darkness. Even if it’s just one, that’s too many! They can carry diseases, and their sheddings and droppings can aggravate allergies.

The Bug Man has been the Arkansas home pest control leader for 4 decades and counting, and we’re a phone call away if you ever have any problems with insects or other household pests. Cockroaches can be a real nuisance, and they reproduce very quickly. Be sure to call us at the first sign of an infestation, and we’ll do the rest. We also recommend doing a few things that will lessen your risk of a cockroach infestation:

Keep your kitchen clean-One of the biggest keys to roach control is to take away their food sources. This means wiping down your counters after cooking, doing the dishes immediately, and taking out the trash every night. And remember that even if a kitchen looks clean, it’s not truly clean until you clean under and behind appliances. The tiniest crumbs can feed a lot of roaches, so be as thorough as you can!

Seal up points of entry-Cockroaches can easily squeeze through tiny cracks, but a tube of caulk can make a big difference. Check underneath the sink and in the back of cabinets, particularly those that back up to exterior walls. Cockroaches love warm, moist areas, so be sure to look for water damage and wood rot, which can allow access and facilitate breeding.

Eliminate standing water-Cockroaches and other insects lay eggs in water, so you owe it to yourself to confirm that there is no standing water inside your home, or near your home. Be sure that your yard drains properly after heavy rainfall, and don’t store rain barrells directly next to your home. Dump out kiddie pools after use, and be sure to empty pet food and water dishes. Most cockroach activity will be in your kitchen, but be sure to repair any drips or leaks in your bathroom sinks, tubs, and toilets.

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a service call, contact us online or at 501-663-9464.


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