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The Bug Man offers expert animal removal for those unwanted guests in your attic!

If you have ever been forced to deal with a raccoon or bird in attic or crawl spaces, it’s no picnic. Wild animals are very crafty when it comes to finding ways to gain access to the parts of your home where you don’t spend most of your time, and can do a lot of expensive damage as they root around looking for food or a place to hide and breed. It can also be quite irritating to listen to them as you and your family are trying to relax and enjoy your favorite television show.

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The mosquitoes will be here before we know it. Are you ready!

After the winter that we’ve just had, the springtime is definitely something to get excited about. The days are getting longer, the mercury is starting to rise, and the flowers are blooming. But you also know that this means that we will soon be swatting flies and mosquitoes away when we go outside. The good news is that mosquitoes are no match for our team at The Bug Man!

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Want to insect-proof your home? Here are a few easy tips!

Even though some times of the year are better than others, the truth is that there really isn’t a time when you and your family don’t have to worry about insects. Every trip outdoors during the spring and summer is like going into battle with bugs, and they also often find their way inside your home year round. What can you do to fight back?

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Looking for a great way to save on energy costs? The Bug Man sells door sweep brushes!

Arkansas summers can be brutal, and air conditioning costs begin to skyrocket as the days get longer and more humid. This is particularly true in a warehouse or large commercial building. With so many loading and unloading gates and doors, a climate controlled warehouse can often feature a lot of highly drafty areas and doors that are opening and closing frequently. What can you do?

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Cockroaches? Not on our watch!

There are few things more irritating to a homeowner than turning on the kitchen light and watching cockroaches scurry away. They’re certainly one of nature’s most tenacious household pests, and it’s not at all difficult to imagine that the stories about them being able to survive a nuclear holocast are true.

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