Cooler weather offers badly needed relief from our punishingly hot Arkansas summers and signals the start of the long-awaited holiday season. Every family has its own unique traditions, but most include plenty of time snuggling under blankets while enjoying warm beverages and sweet treats. It should also come as no surprise that there are plenty of wild animals out there ready to crash your party! But our team of pest control experts at The Bug Man has been keeping homes in The Natural State pest-free since 1976, and we proudly offer humane wildlife renewal in Little Rock and throughout central Arkansas!

In addition to common rodents such as mice and rats, Arkansas homeowners frequently encounter larger wildlife such as raccoons, opossums, and squirrels seeking refuge in their attics and crawlspaces. Wild animals can be highly resourceful when it comes to locating food sources and shelter, and they’re capable of gaining access through surprisingly small openings. If you see animal droppings, hear scratching or rooting sounds, or see any other evidence of animal activity, we’ll be there right away to help you send them packing!

There are plenty of things you can do as a homeowner to discourage wildlife activity, starting with tying up all trash bags and keeping the lid of your garbage receptacle closed at all times. Overhanging tree branches offer easy roof access for squirrels and other wildlife, and they can also cause damage to your home if they fall on your roof during a storm. Contact a tree service if you have any branches or limbs in direct contact with your roof, and prune any hedges that are directly adjacent to your home.

Structural settling can open up gaps large enough for rodents and larger animals to squeeze through, and cracked paint can develop into wood rot very quickly. You should paint your home’s exterior wood every seven to ten years to protect exterior surfaces and replace damaged wood on your eaves, soffits, and fascias as necessary. Be sure to also add a fresh coat of paint after sealing up the openings to protect the wood from future water damage.

To schedule pest control service in Little Rock, contact us online or at 501-663-9464. Click here for a coupon worth $50 off wildlife relocation services.


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