The next time you’re completing routine chores like cleaning the gutters, it’s a good idea to inspect your home for places wildlife could enter while you’re at it.

When is the last time you took a good look at your house? There could be are all sorts of issues that you aren’t even aware of – making your home an inviting one for critters, too. If trimming is deteriorated, you have holes in your attic, or an open chimney, these problems significantly increase your chances of having an unwelcome visitor.

The Bug Man offers a variety of wildlife services, including squirrel removal and raccoon control, and uses only the most humane traps to secure and relocate animals. So whether it’s a skunk, bat, or other wildlife – always leave safe removal to the experts.

Meanwhile, here are a few tips to detect animals in one especially tempting area, the attic:

1 Use a flashlight to check for signs: droppings, chewing damage, and nesting materials.

2 Check the places where your roof and trim intersects with gables or exhaust vents. These areas often are covered with a light bug screen that won’t hold up against animals.

3 If you do find a hole in your attic, always assume there is an animal in there somewhere. Never seal holes until you’re positive all critters are gone. A good tip for locating them: Turn off the lights and watch for light leaking in from outside.

Wildlife experts suggest examining your home’s condition at least twice a year to help keep animals at bay. But let’s face it, when you live in a rural area like Arkansas, sometimes they’ll even walk right in the front door. (By the way, it never hurts to invest in a screen door.)

The Bug Man also offers a customized bird control program designed by our highly skilled bird specialists, in addition to bat guano and bird dropping removal.

If you need help with any kind of animal removal, call our expert technicians today at 501-663-9464. Or contact us here for more information.


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