Living in Arkansas means living alongside the beauty of nature. But sometimes when nature comes inside, we want to get it back out as soon as possible.

Enter The Bug Man, Arkansas’ most trusted pest and wildlife control experts since 1976. We’d like to focus on two critters in particular that can be a real nuisance – especially if they make their way into your attic.


  • Birds can present a significant nuisance when they get into your attic. Aside from the noise, the most serious risk to your family is associated with their droppings. They contain parasites, bacteria, molds, and viruses that are harmful to humans.
  • Large flocks can cause millions of dollars of damage annually to homes, businesses, machinery, vehicles, rooftops, and ventilation systems. Nesting birds in your attic can cause major property damage as well, as the birds constantly scavenge for items – using whatever happens to be in your attic – to build their nests.
  • Our highly-trained bird specialists can provide you with a customized bird removal and control program. We also offer removal of bat guano and bird droppings, which can be acidic and can damage metal, paint, and fabric.


  • Squirrels that infest your attic are a problem because they’re likely to chew on boards and electrical wires. Nesting adult females usually pose the most serious problems, as they often make nests near openings like unscreened vents or loose or rotten trim boards.
  • Usually people first discover squirrels by the sound of scampering little feet, as they come and go often on hunting excursions. Sometimes young or other adult squirrels fall into wall cavities and can’t get out. In this instance, you’ll hear persistent scratching until they escape – or die inside your wall.
  • The Bug Man offers squirrel removal and other animal removal services, including raccoons, skunks, and bats. Our technicians use the most humane traps to secure the animals and then remove them from the problem areas.

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