While birding is a favorite – and appropriate – pastime for many Arkansans, they’re not much fun to watch if they become a nuisance.

The Natural State provides habitats for hundreds of species. Sometimes their presence leads to the need for bird removal services, with the nature of these problems varying widely.

Let’s start with tips for getting rid of one bird that flies inside:

1 Stay calm (your anxiety increases the bird’s), and get rid of pets that might eat it.

2 Close off the room as much as possible. Leave one door (preferably) or window open, allowing light to come from only that opening. This should create a beacon to guide the bird back outside.

3 If unsuccessful after an extended time, hold up a sheet while attempting to herd it toward the opening. While some suggest tossing a towel over the bird and scooping it up, this should be a last resort, because they’re very sensitive to pressure.

4 If you fail, contact a professional, humane pest and animal removal company like The Bug Man.

Then there are larger issues:

1 Some birds, like European starlings, are considered pests for several reasons. They are fierce competitors for nesting areas, often pushing out native birds and destroying their eggs and young. They are also aggressive at feeders, keeping other birds away and rapidly exhausting seed. Large winter flocks are notorious pests in farming areas, and huge winter roosts pose health risks in more densely populated areas.

2 Woodpeckers are notorious for pecking on buildings. They’re likely marking territory, building a nest, or feeding on insects.

3 Efforts to invite a variety of songbirds with birdfeeders sometimes result in squirrels showing up instead. They can be very pesky – and damaging – pests if squirrel removal services aren’t sought quickly.

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Regardless of what type of bird – or other wildlife pest – is causing a nuisance for your home or business, contact The Bug Man for a timely and professional solution.

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