Do you have unwanted guests in your attic or crawlspace? Let us help!

As fall approaches and we begin to enjoy the cooler temperatures, residents in Arkansas will soon be dealing with uninvited animals seeking to snuggle up for a bit of warmth in crawlspaces, attics, and anywhere else where they can find a spot. It’s particularly a problem in urban areas, where natural habitats for animals are densely packed in and around residential neighborhoods.

An online search for “animal removal little rock” brings the problem into sharper focus. With problems animals like bats, rats, birds, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, mice, skunks, beavers, snakes, and so on, you may well be wondering what ISN’T trying to get into your house!

That’s why The Bug Man, Inc., offers fast, reliable, and humane animal removal services as part of our comprehensive list of pest control solutions. Although bugs are the first thing to come to mind when you think of us, our professional, highly trained technicians can also evict any animal from your home, trapping it humanely and releasing it back into its natural habitat far from your home.

Our bird specialists can devise a customized solution to eliminate your bird nesting problems. We also offer removal of bat guano and bird droppings to restore those areas back to a more presentable condition.

Animals nesting in your home create disturbances and damage with their scratching, chewing, and nesting habits, and many of the diseases they carry can be spread to humans. Wild animals deserve a place to live, too, but your home isn’t that place. We’ll get them out of your home and back into theirs so everyone can sleep well.

Download one of our money saving coupons and you can save $50 off the price of animal removal for an even better night’s sleep.

Wild animals belong outside. If you have one who disagrees, call The Bug Man today at 501-663-9464 or contact us online and we’ll take care of the problem.


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