When it’s cold outside, all living creatures instinctively seek a warm place to sleep, and sire their offspring. There are exceptions, but warm-blooded animals have to find protection from the elements for their survival. Unfortunately, if you leave your home unprotected against uninvited animals, the warm place that they’ll often choose is your attic or crawlspace.

When it comes to humane animal removal, Little Rock residents have consistently turned to The Bug Man! In addition to our premium insect and termite control services, we also specialize in rodent and bird removal from attic and crawlspace areas. If you and your family hear scratching sounds coming from your attic or crawlspace, help is a phone call away. There are also a few things that you can do on your own to be proactive:

Inspect your home for access points-The most obvious first step that you should take is to walk around your home, and think like an animal. Be sure to look for obvious problems like a crawl space door that can be easily opened and missing screens from crawl space vents. Other places to check are eaves, soffits, and fascias. If you see visible water damage or gaps between panels, you could be inviting pests inside. Keep in mind that small rodents can wiggle through unimaginably small openings, and fixing those openings could be as simple as grabbing a tube of caulk and a ladder!

Don’t store pet food or wild animal food outside-If you have outdoor pets, it’s important that they are fed and watered, but you should do so at specific times. Leaving food out for your pets is likely to attract wild animals as well, and if they know that they can expect a regular meal, they’re more likely to nest nearby.

Trim any foliage or vegetation that is adjacent to the home-Dense foliage next to your home gives unwanted visitors a place to hide. This could include Raccoons, Opossums, Rats, or even burglars. Once a rodent has found a comfortable place to nest near your home, it won’t be long before he starts seeking out a way inside.

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