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Traveling over the holidays? Be sure not to bring home bed bugs!

The holidays are a special time for all of us, and it’s the time of year when families travel the most. These days our families all seem to get spread out throughout the country, and there’s nothing like taking the kids to your old hometown to create some holiday cheer! Unfortunately, people traveling great distances are the main reason that we have a nationwide infestation of bed bugs!

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Want to keep insects out of your home or business? A door sweep brush is a good solution!

Insects are a major problem, particularly during warm weather conditions. During the winter months, they can also be a nuisance as they seek out warm places to hibernate and/or lay their eggs. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you seal crawl space vents, and periodically inspect your eaves and rooftops for water damage. Insects can crawl through the smallest openings, and for that matter, so can rodents and other unwanted wildlife.

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Did you see an ant in your kitchen? His friends are probably right behind him!

Of all the different household pests that homeowners have to deal with, ants can be particularly frustrating. No matter how hard that you work to keep your kitchen clean, you can encounter a long line of ants at the drop of a hat.The good news is that most household ants don’t bite or carry diseases, but they are definitely a nuisance.

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Want to save money on your annual termite inspection? We can help!

There are few things more inconvenient for homeowners than an infestation of termites! It’s nearly impossible to detect early activity, and you might not even realize that you have a problem until you wind up with thousands of dollars’ worth of structural damage! In fact, each year, repairing termite damage costs homeowners more than fire, floods and structural settling combined!

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3 great tips to keep the mosquitoes away this fall

After a grueling Arkansas summer of triple digit temperatures and 90% humidity, we’ve all earned a few great weeks of mild, crisp weather before we start complaining about the ice storms and sleet. The trees are showing their fall color, and this is one of the best times of the year to fire up the grill in the backyard, and let your daughter show you her curveball. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of mosquitoes standing by to crash your party!

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