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Let The Bug Man Keep Your Home Safe from Termites!

Termites: Five Things to Know

When it comes to household pests, termites are the worst! You can’t just swat or spray termites like other bugs, and if you don’t catch an infestation in time, you could wind up with thousands of dollars of structural damage!

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For Real Bed Bug Relief, Call The Bug Man!


Bed bugs have been in the news a lot recently, and they’re a nuisance that’s affecting a growing number of Arkansans. They’re small parasitic creatures approximately 1/4″ in size, and they feed on the blood of humans and pets. The good news is that there’s no known risk of disease from an infestation, and if they’re discovered early enough, bed bug removal is a pretty straightforward process.

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Don’t Let Mosquitoes Make Your Life Miserable-Call The Bug Man.


Springtime is here, and like most Arkansans, you want to spend as much time outside as you can before the mercury begins to approach the triple digits. Unfortunately, we’re not the only species that enjoys these warmer temperatures, and our backyard activities often attract unwanted guests. When you’re dealing with bloodthirsty mosquitoes, indoors in front of the TV may feel like your only option.

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These Three Things in Your Crawl Space Are a Welcome Mat for Bugs!


Your home’s crawl space was created with good intentions. It ensures easy access to your plumbing and heating systems for maintenance and repair. Unfortunately, this space which is convenient for your handyman or contractor is usually a convenient home for bugs.

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Bed Bug Facts and Myths


If you do a lot of traveling or live in a densely populated area, you are at an increased risk of a bed bug infestation. But the reality is that no one’s truly safe. Fortunately, treatment of bed bugs is easier than you think, and the best strategy toward effective bed bug control is an ounce of prevention.

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