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Three Tips For Keeping Flies Away!

Flies Driving You Mad? Check This Out!

This summer it seems as though we’ve had more than our share of house flies here in Arkansas, with several instances of severe home infestations, which is not only annoying but also potentially dangerous. Attracted to virtually any food source, including garbage, sewage, and dead animals, flies are known to carry a number of easily communicable diseases, including typhoid, cholera, dysentery, salmonella, anthrax and tuberculosis. Flies can also transmit the eggs of parasitic worms to animals and humans.

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Ants Driving You Crazy? Check Out These Tips!

Keep Your Home Ant-Free This Summer!

There are over 700 species of ant in the U.S., at least 20 of which are known to be household pests and if you haven’t dealt with them yet here in Arkansas, you will.

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How to Keep Your Home Safe From Termites

Arkansas summers can be punishingly hot, and most of us prefer to spend as much time indoors as we can. Unfortunately, this feeling is shared with household pests, who are the most active during the summer months. Most bugs are simply a nuisance, but termites are a threat. An infestation can lead to structural damage, which can cost thousands of dollars to repair if not caught in time. Termite damage can also present safety issues for you and your family.

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Keep Your Home Cockroach Free

If you’ve ever turned on the kitchen light late at night only to see the tail ends of a half-dozen or more cockroaches scurrying out of sight, you’ve got a problem. Keeping your home free of cockroaches takes diligence and perseverance. And small wonder! These little pests are among the hardiest creatures on the planet.

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Call the Experts to Get Rid of Those Bed Bugs!

Of the many varieties of household pests that can infest your home, bed bugs are a little different. They’re the hardest to spot, and can survive for months without food. And, unlike many other bugs, household cleanliness doesn’t seem to make a difference. The good news is that they don’t carry a known risk of communicable disease, and infestations are relatively easy to treat.

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