If you do a lot of traveling or live in a densely populated area, you are at an increased risk of a bed bug infestation. But the reality is that no one’s truly safe. Fortunately, treatment of bed bugs is easier than you think, and the best strategy toward effective bed bug control is an ounce of prevention.

Of course, if you have any questions about bed bug treatment, or any other household pests, you can call The Bug Man and we’ll be glad to help. But an important first step is knowing what is true about bed bugs and what isn’t. Here are a few common misconceptions:

Myth: Bed bugs are easy to spot

Fact: Bed bugs are brown, and about 5mm in length. If you have a really bad infestation, you may spot actual bugs, but they’re excellent hiders, and you’re much more likely to find bloodstains than actual bugs.

Myth: Bed bugs carry diseases

Fact: Bed bugs feed on human and animal blood, and an infestation means an increased risk of itchy bug bites for you and your pets. But luckily, they’re merely a nuisance, and don’t carry communicable diseases. However, their presence can keep you up at night and scratching may lead to a secondary skin infection.

Myth: Cleanliness can prevent an infestation

Fact: Not necessarily. Bed bugs are drawn to places where people sleep, so you are more likely to spot them in a five-star hotel than the city dump. The important thing is to never set your luggage or purse on the floor, and carefully check the corners of your suitcases and garment bags when you return home from a trip. When you’re at home, don’t let laundry pile up, and be sure to regularly wash all linens (including pillows and comforters) in the hottest water that you can. Be sure to wash and thoroughly inspect any second-hand furniture or clothing before bringing it into your home.

Myth: Bed bugs are only active at night

Fact: Bed bugs are most active at night, but during the daylight hours, they like to explore, and seek out new food sources by stowing away in upholstery, luggage, and cardboard boxes.

Bed bugs are definitely a nuisance, but with a proactive approach, you can protect yourself and your family! Contact us online at any time for a free inspection, or give us a call at (501) 663-9464 if you have any questions!


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