When it comes to pest control in central Arkansas, there are more than just a few companies to choose from. While costs are always a concern, shopping by price can actually be more costly in the long run when it comes to pest control services.

Most people look for a pest control company they can trust. Here in central Arkansas, people choose The Bug Man for the best in pest management and wildlife control.

We did some digging and put together this list of the top 5 reasons why our customers choose The Bug Man:

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Way back on March 1, 1976, the country was celebrating our bicentennial, Jimmy Carter was campaigning for the White House, and the 12th Winter Olympic Games had just wrapped up in Innsbruck, Austria.

Right here in Little Rock, Arkansas, Bill McCauley founded The Bug Man to provide quality pest and termite control services in central Arkansas.

A whole lot has changed since that day. The “bug extermination” industry has grown into a high-tech industry now known as “Pest Management” or IPM (Integrated Pest Management.) Many of the environmental laws and safety practices of today were unheard of in 1976.

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