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If you see one ant in your kitchen, his friends are probably nearby. Let us help you get rid of them all!

Ants serve an important function in our ecosystem, but aren’t nearly as useful in our kitchens. In fact, they can be downright irritating. As soon as you see one ant, you know that at the first sign of food, he’s going to pull out his little ant cell phone, and call all of his friends to join him.

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Do you have unwanted wildlife in your attic? The Bug Man offers animal removal services!

Imagine the scene. You and your family are huddled together under the blankets on the couch. It’s supposed to be a nice quiet night at home in front of your television, but suddenly, you’re all paralyzed by fear. You hear scratching sounds above you, and it can only be one thing: a monster in your attic!

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Cockroaches are a major nuisance, but we’re here to help you send them packing!

One thing that every homeowner hates to see are cockroaches. When you turn on the kitchen light and watch them scurry away, it always makes you feel like there’s no hope. Between cockroaches and ants, you begin to feel like you have a bunch of uninvited guests, and that you can’t get rid of them fast enough, particularly during the hot times of the year.

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There’s nothing like a great business trip, but be sure not to bring home any bed bugs!

bedbugsEven though we’re still being actively encouraged to stay home as much as we can, sometimes there is simply no getting around the fact that there are places that we have to go, people that we have to see, and things that we have to do. Most business are moving as many operations as they can online, but sometimes you still have to meet face to face (or mask to mask). Fortunately, safety measures are being followed more regularly these days, and traveling is getting a little less risky. But no matter what else that we’re dealing with in the world, we still face the problem of dealing with bed bugs when we travel.

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Are you hearing noises in the attic? We can help!

Now that we’re all spending much more time at our homes, we owe it to ourselves to keep them clean and comfortable. Even if we’re still putting off those long overdue home improvements, we still need to make an effective plan to keep pests away. The good news is that insect infestations can be relatively easy to prevent by simply maintaining a regular cleaning schedule. But what can we do when we have larger pests such as raccoons, opossums, and squirrels nesting in our attics or crawl spaces?

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