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* Our Free Estimate offer excludes bed bug estimates for non-customers. If you are not a customer of The Bug Man, Inc., the cost of an estimate for bed bugs is $75.00. If you are already a customer of The Bug Man, Inc., bed bug estimates are free.

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Now that the weather is cooling down, we don’t have to spend all of our time swatting flying pests when we go outside. But those pesky bugs don’t fly south for the winter like birds; they head for shelter. Sometimes they’ll find shelter outdoors, but termites prefer to move in with families. They enjoy the warmth and shelter your home provides, and all that structural wood is like a tasty buffet!

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Most homeowners have encountered a kitchen full of ants after they neglected to clean up a spill and have been forced to follow a trail the length of their home to find the source of the infestation. Their search typically ends at a windowsill or the base of a drainpipe, but ants are small enough to gain access just about anywhere. The good news is that our team at The Bug Man is here to help!

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