Bedbugs are flat, round and reddish brown critters, around a quarter-inch, that normally rest in cracks and crevices and come out at night to feed. Although they cannot fly or jump, their narrow body shape and ability to live in harsh environments without food or water for months at a time make them uniquely suited to bring about their brand of misery to humans trying to get a good night’s sleep.

Bedbugs feed on the blood of humans and are most active at night, attracted by body heat and moisture, biting exposed areas of skin during the night. While then bites don’t usually pose a health risk, it’s hardly a pleasant thought to be on the menu in your own bed, and in some extreme cases medical attention is required.

If you suspect bed bugs, whether you wake up itching and scratching or you spot signs of them in the folds of your mattress or bedclothes, it’s time to call The Bug Man for the top bed bug treatment in Arkansas. We use the latest in chemical pesticides to rid your home of bed bugs right where they live. And, so you can keep your mattress, we offer encasements that will seal the bugs inside forever.

Bed bugs can travel thousands of miles in luggage, on clothing, sealed up in boxcars, and even in cargo holds of transatlantic ships, and they rain misery upon rich and poor alike. They are as easy to get as they are hard to get rid of and home remedies are as useless as they are plentiful. When you need a professional bed bug exterminator, don’t waste time tossing and turning, not when The Bug Man is a phone call away.

Call us today at 501-663-9464 or contact us online and find out how The Bug Man has been earning the business of folks just like you throughout Central Arkansas for over 35 years.


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