Like many homes, if your home is built with a crawlspace, in addition to plumbing, air ducts, and whatnot running through it, you may have a welcome mat set out for bugs. Bugs love crawlspaces, and here are four things to watch out for that make a crawlspace a home for insects:

  1. Standing water– Standing water buildup can occur for any number of reasons, from poor drainage to leaky water pipes. To find out for sure if you have water standing under your home, the crawlspace will have to be visually inspected.
  2. Humidity – High humidity levels, common in Arkansas for a good part of the year, creates moisture buildup on wood, keeps the ground damp, and insects love it as much as they do big standing pools of water.
  3. Pets – If your pets use the crawlspace, they will bring in all sorts of bug bait with them, such as old bones, chewed up rags, toys, as well as other things best left unsaid, all of which serve only to attract bugs. Dogs may also chew on wood or water pipes, which can result in damage.
  4. Wood – Setting wood in, or next to a crawlspace is like building a six-lane freeway for ants and termites with a great big flashing neon “welcome” sign. It may be convenient for you in winter, but it’s also convenient for them, so it’s your choice.

Once in, it requires professional help to get them out, and putting it off will only result in more damage. And once they’re gone, it’s a good idea to clear out clogged gutters and redirect any drainage away from the house. And, at the very least, you’ll need to install a moisture barrier and consider installing crawlspace vent covers to seal the crawlspace vents.

For a permanent solution, call The Bug Man, Inc.® and you can end your crawlspace worries for good. We’ll send an installer to your home to inspect your crawlspace and recommend the best solution for your home, and you’ll be provided with a free, no-obligation estimate on the cost to install one of two options for conditioning your crawlspace.

To do it right the first time, call 501-663-9464 or contact us online for a free estimate and inspection from The Bug Man. You will be educated as to the science of a crawl space, and solutions to make your crawl space and entire home healthier.


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