When it comes to pest control in central Arkansas, there are more than just a few companies to choose from. While costs are always a concern, shopping by price can actually be more costly in the long run when it comes to pest control services.

Most people look for a pest control company they can trust. Here in central Arkansas, people choose The Bug Man for the best in pest management and wildlife control.

We did some digging and put together this list of the top 5 reasons why our customers choose The Bug Man:

  • Experienced
    We’ve been serving central Arkansas for over 37 years! The Bug Man is widely known for pest control services and is recognized all over town as a familiar and long-standing member of the community.
  • Educated
    All Bug Man technicians are graduates of the Purdue University Pest Management and Termites & Other Wood Destroying Pests Courses. Combined with continuing education, our technicians are always knowledgeable and up to date with the most current technologies and trends.
  • Focused on Excellence
    QualityPro is the pest control industry’s largest certification. We earned our Quality Pro designation by voluntarily ascribing to comprehensive standards that exceed mandated state and federal requirements. Those that do business with The Bug Man can feel confident in their selection of a pest management provider.
  • Full Service
    Our services include all types of pest control from insects to spiders to critters of all sizes. Plus the latest in pest control construction and pest control products.
  • Money Saving Offers
    The Bug Man always has a collection of special offers to save you money. We offer free product and cash discounts that you can download or claim instantly. Save on pest control from Little Rock’s top choice: The Bug Man.

Call 501.663.9464 or Contact Us online for a free no obligation estimate on any of our services.