Being proactive is the best way to protect your home from all manner of threats. That’s why you purchase insurance and install smoke alarms. Don’t stop there. If you don’t have termites, there are ways to safeguard your home. And many of them don’t cost more than a little effort. These termite control tips from the professionals can help you avoid the expense and frustration of infestation.

1 Start with the big three: food, water, and shelter. If you can deny access to any of these, termites will be less likely to nest in that location. As you determine the potential problem areas on your property, figure out how they could contribute any of the big three to unwanted pests.

2 Termites love your flower beds as much or more than you do. Mulch is a prime opportunity to have as much food, water and shelter as they need. And if your flowerbeds are adjacent to your house, they are effectively a welcome mat inviting termites into your home. It might be time to relocate those begonias.

3 Any areas around your foundation that collect water will be tempting to termites. Is there a low spot at the end of your downspout? Or is there a leaky spigot or air conditioner producing constant condensation? Those soft spots of cool, moist dirt need to be addressed. Solve the problem and not the symptom by improving the drainage near your home as soon as possible.

4 The spaces under you house are for access, not for storage. It’s convenient to keep excess lumber there, until termites use it as an appetizer. Your crawlspaces should be encapsulated, with all vents closed. We install dehumidifiers to keep your crawlspaces unattractive to termites. Most of the exposed soil under your house should be covered with a moisture barrier for extra protection.

Call The Bug Man, Inc. to get a termite inspection and ensure your efforts are purely preventative. And, if you need another layer of protection, we offer a comprehensive termite treatment plan geared specifically toward prevention.

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