A man’s home is his castle, but many homes are made of wood, not stone and mortar. Like any fortress, there is always a menace trying it’s hardest to breach your walls. While it may not be a horde of barbarians at your gates, there is one threat that might as well be: termites.

Termites have been eating mankind out of house and home since the early Cretaceous period. While termites do serve a purpose in the grand scheme of things, such as breaking down dead wood trees into nutrients for the soil, the havoc they can wreck is limitless.

Not to make your skin crawl, but here are some unsettling termite facts:

1 All work and no play is routine for termites. They reportedly need no sleep.

2 Termite damage comes with a hefty price tag: $30 billion dollars worth of devastation to crops and buildings. The average home repair due to termite infiltration is averaged at $3,000.

3 With the exception of Alaska, termites inhabit every state in the USA, but they especially love the South.

4 A termite queen can live up to 25 years and can lay an egg every 15 seconds. How many eggs is that in a lifetime? Too many.

5 The amount of food termites consume in a day is 16 grams. That may not sound like a lot, but that 16 grams a day equals 12.9 pounds a year per termite.

6 As if they were not bad enough for your home, termites can also emit over 150 million tons of methane into the atmosphere over the course of a year.

For the best kind of insect menace nature has to offer, you need the best kind of termite company. That company is us, The Bug Man Inc. We have made a niche for ourselves as the name in termite control for Central Arkansas (our Little Rock number is 501-663-9464).

Don’t live in Little Rock, but still need The Bug Man? We perform termite control in Conway (501-327-7500), Pine Bluff (870-850-7070), Hot Springs (501-624-2847), and five more locations.

What makes us so effective? We rely on Termidor, one of the most stringently tested and highly effective termiticides in the insect elimination business. It provides results up to eight years, working its way into the soil keeping rain or irrigation from dispelling it, and requires a low amount of application.

If you are looking for an alternative to soil treatment, we have a remedy for that too. Bora-Care is perfect for pretreating your wood, ruling it out as a food source for these unwelcome guests.

Call any of our numbers or contact us on our webpage for a free estimate when you need your termites controlled.


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