Summers in Arkansas provide the perfect combination of heat and humidity for flies to prosper. Unfortunately, they seem to flourish in our kitchens or at our barbecues. There’s no better time than now to get the jump on flies, get them out of your home, and keep them away.

1 Pest control starts in your yard, away from your home. Any source of organic waste – think pets, compost, fruit trees, and recycling bins – is an invitation for flies to lay their eggs and prolong your frustration. Clean up after the dog and the persimmon tree, use a little sawdust in your compost heap, and rinse out bottles and cans before putting them outside.

2 Flies are attracted to the same conditions every other insect envies about your home: food, water, and shelter. So take the initiative to care for your window screens and patio doors. They are your first line of defense.

3 Eliminate easy access to water by fixing any leaks or drips that would entice that swarm of flies waiting to move into your kitchen or laundry room. Also, don’t grow your own flies. Overwatered house plants can harbor fungus gnat larvae.

When you’ve exhausted your preventive options for flies, you may need to look into pest extermination strategies. The old fashioned fly swatter, homemade baits or ultraviolet light traps each have their merits. Depending on the type of fly and severity of your invasion, you may need to contact a professional service. Although there are limits to the effectiveness of chemical treatments for flies, a professional can do a thorough pest inspection and ascertain the quickest, most effective treatment option.

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