When a chemical to control bed bugs was banned in the 1970’s, families became exposed once again to a pest widely thought to have become obsolete. The media and pop culture’s ongoing attention to those infestations resulted in a collective case of the willies.

Bed bugs, also known as “hitchhikers” — due to the fact they can attach to your suitcase and follow you home — are prolific world-wide, and their population has increased significantly since 1995.

The technicians at The Bug Man, Inc., are experts in bed bug treatment. Common myths we’ve shared before are that you can’t see them, only dirty areas attract them, they carry diseases, and that your bed is garbage if you get them. While these things are untrue, we know you don’t want these critters around anymore than any other pest.

Here’s an overview of our bed bug removal process:

1 We don’t treat the mattress with a product. Rather, we offer mattress encasements that entomb the bed bugs. This method allows you to keep your mattress while preventing another infestation.

2 Spray products are another component to eliminating bed bugs. Our technicians use different bed bug treatments to eradicate them from your home or business. One key aspect entails treating all cracks and crevices where the bugs are discovered.

3 Bed bugs feed exclusively on warm-blooded animals, including humans, pets, and other mammals. Their preferred hosts are humans — eek! You can locate a bed bug infestation by looking for spots of fecal material often left in easily visible areas, as well as bloody spots left on sheets and pillowcases when engorged bugs are crushed.

4 Small, obscure and agile, they crawl into a suitcases or other belongings undetected. Their eggs are almost impossible to see. Bed bugs also can invade your space through the purchase or rental of secondhand mattresses, box springs and other furniture.

5 Once they’re in, they often spread. No amount of cleaning will get rid of them, as long as plenty of warm-blooded hosts are around. At this point, we will safely, effectively, and affordably rid you of your unwanted parasites.

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