More than 30 years of experience makes our staff at The Bug Man, Inc., the most trusted pest management company for Arkansas pest control. We offer solutions for any kind of pesky problem. Here are five:

1 Bora-Care is highly regarded as an environmentally-friendly solution. It’s used both inside and out to control subterranean termites, drywood termites, Formosan termites, carpenter ants, wood destroying beetles and wood decaying fungi. Bora-Care eliminates wood as a food source, as pests cannot develop a resistance. The concentrate of borate-based termiticide, insecticide, and fungicide is applied directly to wood, providing long-lasting protection.

2 Termidor is one of the most tested termite solutions in history and is effective at very low application rates. As it binds to the soil, Termidor doesn’t allow leaching through rainfall or irrigation. Unlike most termiticides, it’s a non-repellent. Because termites can’t detect it, they become exposed and become carriers to colonies. This will kill any and all termites that ingest or come into contact with Termidor. Click here to learn more about Bora-Care and Termidor.

3 Thermal, Acoustical and Pest Control (TAP) Insulation is a patented, natural fiber insulation treated with boric acid that results in a product that is fire-retardant, green, thermally superior and sound-deadening. And, of course, it controls pests — not to mention energy costs. While safe for humans and pets, it’s lethal to cockroaches, silverfish, ants, termites, and other insects.

4 The Sealeze Pest Control Brush will reduce or eliminate chemical pest control in just about any facility. Its dense, nylon bristles form a tight seal around entries and overhead doors to eliminate light, sound, and odors that attract pests.

5 Our crawl space encapsulation system is a tough liner that you or contractors can crawl on without fear of tearing it or ripping it off the walls. The vapor barrier also has an anti-microbial agent manufactured into it to kill mold and bacteria.

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