As an Arkansan, you’ve attended plenty of outdoor events during spring and summer. Unfortunately, the chances are just as good that, in addition to some special memories, you’ve come home with lots of mosquito bites as well.

It’s no secret that The Natural State has its fair share of outdoor pests. But we don’t let mosquitoes keep us cooped up inside, as we also have abundant scenic views that make perfect backdrops for outdoor events.

The solution? Anyone who has organized an outdoor event knows having professional mosquito services is the only way to make sure your guests aren’t on the menu.

Whether planning a romantic wedding at sunset, the annual family barbecue, or an important corporate event, don’t leave mosquito removal off your to-do list. Not only do you want your guests to be comfortable, but also mosquitoes can pose health risks.

And while we highly recommend relying on professionals, especially for special events, we came across these tips for abating mosquitoes:

1 Mosquitoes aren’t active in winds higher than 10 miles per hour. Using a fan set on high creates a gust to keep them away. Fans also help dissipate carbon dioxide and reduce body heat, both of which attract mosquitoes.

2 Thiophenes (insecticidal compounds found in different species of marigolds) can kill mosquitoes. Of course, there is no guarantee that planting a bunch will rid your yard of them entirely. But planting marigolds along with other native plants, herbs, and flowers attract natural mosquito predators.

3 Weed your garden, and cut your grass often, giving mosquitoes less cover in which to hide or rest.

4 Eliminate sources of standing water, because mosquitoes can’t breed without water. Also empty small swimming pools when not in use, and keep garbage bins turned upside down when it’s raining.

At The Bug Man, our technicians are expertly trained in special event mosquito treatment. We offer both one-time service and monthly treatment plans from April to October. We also offer a number of other quality, professional pest control services.

Call 501-663-9464 to discuss your special event, or contact us here for more information.


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