The days of spraying whatever killed the most bugs the fastest are thankfully over. More homeowners are seeking ways to keep nature at bay without harming the environment or putting their family at risk. Here are some products and tips you can use in your home.

The most eco-friendly solution for any pest control problem is readily available and 100% free. It is good old fashioned sweat and effort.

  • Keep your kitchen tidy to avoid inviting pests into your home. Clean your countertops with soapy water and/or vinegar spray. Make sure food is tightly sealed and properly stored.
  • Cracks should be caulked or filled with high quality seals; holes should be filled, too.
  • Install or patch screens on your doors and windows.

Diatomaceous earth is a chemical free, naturally occurring pesticide that works by nicking the exoskeletons of mites, ants, cockroaches, ticks, fleas, etc. and causing them to dehydrate and perish. It is exceptional for use in the garden, but also available in food-grade quality that is safe to use inside your home. Put it in the crevices of your cabinets and storage areas to kill insect invaders. Also, because it is not a chemical application, bugs cannot develop a tolerance to it.

Don’t disregard professional pest control if protecting the environment is a priority. Integrated Pest Management is a proactive strategy to address pest control that could be more effective and ecologically responsible than trying to handle pests on your own.

  • Watch your labels carefully, and don’t be misled because something is advertised as green or organic.
  • Quantity of chemicals used is a big factor in how eco-friendly treatment really is. A professional can often prevent or stop an infestation with a fraction of the chemical exposure it would take a homeowner who goes with an over-the-counter option.

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