Bed bugs have been in the news a lot recently, and they’re a nuisance that’s affecting a growing number of Arkansans. They’re small parasitic creatures approximately 1/4″ in size, and they feed on the blood of humans and pets. The good news is that there’s no known risk of disease from an infestation, and if they’re discovered early enough, bed bug removal is a pretty straightforward process.

Our team at The Bug Man has already helped hundreds of homeowners get rid of infestations, and we’re standing by when you need to get rid of bed bugs or other household pests. But the best defense is a good offense, and we recommend a few basic strategies to stop infestations before they start:

Vacuum, and change linens weekly – Unlike other insects, cleanliness seems not to be a deterrent. However, at the early stages of an infestation, you may be able to keep them away by vacuuming your carpets, mattresses, and box springs. Be sure to wash all bed linens weekly with the hottest water that you can. If you have a comforter or throw pillows, don’t throw them on the floor, and make sure that they’re also washed at least once a month.

Inspect your luggage after traveling – Bed bugs prefer densely populated areas, and you’re just as likely to encounter them at a five-star hotel as a cheap one. That’s why you should always inspect the sheets and mattresses of any bed you sleep in. You’re more likely to find bloodstains than bugs, but if you find anything, you might want to seek out other accommodations. You should also never to leave your suitcases on the floor, and take a good look in the corners as you unpack.

Inspect second-hand furniture and clothing before bringing it into your home – You may not be able to launder all the upholstery on second-hand furniture, but be sure to take a good look in every nook and cranny before moving it inside. You should also never assume that second-hand clothing was washed before being hung on the sale rack. Wash it all in the hottest water that you can before wearing it or hanging it up.

Bed bugs are a nuisance, but they’re no match for The Bug Man! Schedule your service call here, or give us a call at (501) 663-9464!


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