The household fly is a nuisance that Arkansans have to deal with seemingly year-round, but the summer months are definitely the worst. In addition to being annoying, flies can carry several communicable diseases, including typhoid, salmonella, and anthrax.

One of the most inexpensive (and often most satisfying) ways to deal with them is the good ol’ fashioned fly swatter, but there are a number of other remedies that you can use at home for the prevention of flies:

Eliminate habitat and food sources

When it comes to flies, prevention is typically the best strategy. Make sure your window screens are flush with all edges of the windows, and free from holes. Clean your kitchen thoroughly and get rid of all crumbs and spills, particularly behind appliances. Feed your pets at specific times, and cover their food when they are not eating. Outdoors, make sure to eliminate any standing water sources.

Chemical repellents

If you are purchasing a chemical spray, make sure that it contains Pyrethrum. There are also numerous natural fly repellents available as plants or essential oils, including clove, citronella, lavender, mint, basil, and eucalyptus. Vodka and vinegar can also be poured into a spray bottle, or diffused in water and hung in a plastic sandwich bag outside.


Adhesive fly paper or ribbons aren’t the most attractive way to deal with flies, but their effectiveness is hard to dispute. There are also numerous commercially available or homemade fly traps that typically involve adding something sweet and sticky to a jar or bottle, and making it easier to get into than get out of. There are also the popular UV bug zappers, but their effectiveness doesn’t usually justify the cost of the electricity it takes to run them.

The above strategies should significantly reduce most infestations, but there’s no substitute for professional advice. The Bug Man has been central Arkansas’ leader in pest and wildlife control since 1976, and we’ll be happy to perform a thorough pest inspection to help you determine the best ways to enjoy a relaxing, and pest free summer. Give our team of experts a call at 501-663-9464, and let us know how we can help!


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