Bed bugs seemed to have emerged as a new public health nuisance, but they were actually quite prevalent at the beginning of the twentieth century. Their presence was significantly reduced by the development and subsequent wide-spread use of DDT for pest control. When that was banned by the EPA in 1972, bed bugs were free to reestablish themselves and spread to new places and unfamiliar populations. If you’ve been taken in by the latest round of bed bug hysteria, here are some facts that can help you address any misconceptions or – even worse – an infestation.

1 Bed bugs do not lurk sight unseen in your home. The bugs, in adult and juvenile stages, are completely visible, as are the signs that they’ve been snacking on you while you sleep. As soon as you realize they’re present, you need to start a comprehensive bed bug treatment.

2 Dirt and grime aren’t what attract bed bugs. They look for food (blood) and comfort (warmth). They look for you regardless of the condition of your home. Any clutter or extra bedding are just more places for them to hide.

3 Bed bugs are nerve-wracking, but they’re not disease ridden pests that will infect you. Some people have worse reactions than others to the bites, but scientists have not found them to be carriers or hosts of illnesses.

4 Your bed doesn’t have to be tossed out to survive a bed bug outbreak in your home. They will still be in your curtains, carpet, and couch cushions if the infestation is severe. Using a mattress encasement to entomb and kill bed bugs is a better approach to start reclaiming your space.

The resurgence of bedbugs is worrisome for homeowners. The important thing to remember is that there are ways to treat them and beat them — but it takes a professional to get the best results. Call The Bug Man at (501) 663-9464 or contact us through our website. From the most reliable bed bug treatments to TAP insulation, we offer the best residential and commercial Integrated Pest Management services in Central Arkansas.