Despite Old Man Winter’s clinging on for dear life, spring has indeed finally arrived – and unfortunately it often brings unwelcome visitors as well.

If you haven’t already taken measures to guard your home or business against infestation, The Bug Man Inc. has been providing professional central Arkansas pest control services since 1976. We know how to handle any kind of pest you might encounter in this neck of the woods.

While we’ve still had some chilly days in the forecast, it’s a good opportunity to tackle indoor cleaning projects, which will go a long way toward safeguarding your home.

Once they get inside, common household pests can quickly escalate to a full-on infestation, which spreads germs, contaminates food, and often causes property damage. If you have an infestation already, whether it’s carpenter ants, spiders, silverfish, cockroaches, or any other pest, you’re going to need pest control services from experts like The Bug Man.

Here are some steps you can take to try to avoid pests this spring:

1 Try to get to all those places you usually overlook in your kitchen, like under your stove, refrigerator, and sink. These are perfect environments for insects and mice because we often miss crumbs and spills in these hard-to-reach spots. Pull your appliances out and clean underneath and behind them. It’s also a good idea to scrub cupboards and pantries.

2 Carefully examine all windows and screens to make sure there are no holes. Many pests don’t need much space at all to gain access. Also inspect under sinks and in the basement, keeping an eye out for leaks or excess moisture.

3 Relying on professional pest control companies is often a better approach than going it alone. Sometimes do-it-yourself pest control attempts go wrong, and you end up having to call for help anyway. Not only will this cost more in the long run, it can also put family members and pets in danger.

Whatever your pest problem, contact us at 501-663-9464 for a free estimate. We also offer coupons for certain services and a referral incentive.