Spring is finally here with trees coming back to life, flowers peeking above the ground, and plenty of chores, indoors and out, waiting to go. One chore that must not be overlooked is a termite inspection.

Signs of termite infestation can be subtle at first, but, if left unaddressed, your home can suffer catastrophic structural damage. For that reason, it’s generally recommended that a professional termite inspection be done to avoid your home falling prey to these pests. Just a few things to know are:

  • Termites generally swarm in the spring and in late summer. An outdoor swarm doesn’t mean termites are in your home necessarily, but it’s a sign they are nearby. An indoor swarm means they’ve arrived.
  • Wood damage, such as pinholes on wood surfaces or buckling paint and a honeycomb-like appearance to the wood underneath is an obvious sign of infestation.
  • The average termite colony contains about 3 million termites, with some colonies discovered as large as 70 million.
  • An annual home inspection is the best way to prevent an infestation as the destruction takes place over time, but the earlier termites are detected, the better.

In Central Arkansas, The Bug Man is the go-to source for termite control. Since 1976, The Bug Man has stood for customer satisfaction and is one of the most highly rated termite companies in Central Arkansas. Plus, if your free termite inspection does reveal a threat to your home, you can print one of our pest control coupons for $25 off the treatment of your home.

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