Of the many varieties of household pests that can infest your home, bed bugs are a little different. They’re the hardest to spot, and can survive for months without food. And, unlike many other bugs, household cleanliness doesn’t seem to make a difference. The good news is that they don’t carry a known risk of communicable disease, and infestations are relatively easy to treat.

If you ever have any questions about bed bug treatment, give The Bug Man a call! We’re the Little Rock bug control experts, and we’re always ready to help you rid your home from bed bugs, or any other household pests.

Where do you find bed bugs?

A fully grown bed bug is brown, and about 5mm in length. They’re excellent hiders, and you’re more likely to find bloodstains than actual bugs. They’re most commonly found in densely populated areas where large numbers of people sleep, such as apartments and hotels. Bed bugs don’t fly, but they’re extremely mobile and stow away in luggage and purses. Sometimes they can also be brought into your home in the upholstery of second-hand furniture, and cardboard boxes.

How can you keep bed bugs out of your home?

When traveling, don’t set your luggage or purse on the floor, and, be sure to look in the corners of your suitcases and garment bags as you unpack. If you buy second-hand clothing or linens, wash them right away in the hottest water that you can, and be sure not to let laundry pile up. Change your bed linens at least weekly, and be sure to wash comforters and throw pillows at least monthly. And if you remove your bedspread before sleeping, don’t place it on the floor.

What do you do if you have an infestation?

The most common way to deal with an infestation is a specially designed mattress cover. They permanently seal in and suffocate any existing bedbugs, and will prevent future infestations.

Bed bugs are a nuisance that hits city dwellers and frequent travelers the hardest, but they’re no match for our team of pest control experts! If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a service appointment, click here, or give us a call at (501) 663-9464.


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