While bed bug infestations were common in the U.S. through World War II, they were basically wiped out with pesticide use. Around the late 1990’s, they began to pop up again here and in other Western European countries. And in the latter part of the previous decade, continued outbreaks led to more widespread public concern.

Experts contribute the resurgence of bed bugs to increased immigration and travel from developing countries as well as federal restrictions on the use of certain pesticides. While they traditionally may have been viewed as a third-world problem, bed bugs definitely have gone global.

Last year a study confirmed U.S. infestations continue at high rates. An overwhelming 99.6 percent of pest management professionals surveyed had encountered infestations in the past year. And those infestations increased in the majority of locations they typically treat.

The majority of infestations occur in residential settings, such as apartments and single-family homes. However, bed bugs treatment continues to be necessary in a variety of other places as well, such as college dorms, hotels, nursing homes, offices, schools, hospitals, and public transportation – to name a few.

They call them hitchhikers for good reason. Bed bugs travel easily, on people’s clothing or in personal belongings. Here are some ways to keep them from catching a ride on you:

1 Inspect your luggage after returning from a trip. Also wash and dry your travel clothes on high heat.

2 One way to make sure bed bugs don’t get into your suitcases during travel is to put them in plastic trash bags.

3 Keep personal belongings and bags brought in from outside off the floor and away from your bed.

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