Of all the creatures that shouldn’t be stirring during your “T’was the night before Christmas” slumber, pests should be at the top of that list.

As to be expected when colder weather moves in, pests and any local wildlife will seek warmth and food. And what better place for shelter and easy access to food than your home. The most problematic of these pests however are mice.

These aren’t the mice that make for cute additions to your family that you could pick up at the local pet store. These are the kind of mice you never invited into your home, but still managed to make their way in. The kind that are a bother any day of the year, but during the more wintry times, they become even more troublesome. And sometimes lethal.

Threats mice pose:

1 Property Damage: Mice can chew through wood, wiring, pipes, and even bricks. They don’t just put holes in your wall, but also your wallet.

2 Biological Hazard: Whether it’s their fleas, droppings, saliva, or bites, mice have garnered a reputation as harbingers of destruction. From the plagues of old to the current day hantavirus, this is a reputation that has cost countless lives throughout history.

3 Reproduction: If you see one mouse, you can bet your last dollar there’s more. A single female mouse can produce up to five to eight offspring after mating. With the potential for that many mice, you can’t afford to be down to your last dollar.

The Bug Man Inc. has been a trusted name in mice and pest control since 1976. Our Purdue University trained staff have been keeping Arkansas homes pest free, no contract required. Need one more reason to go with Bug Man this season?

Our Four Seasons Management Plan will inspect your home inside and out for the first service and three outside services every three months.

If this doesn’t sound like a plan that interests you, we have a variety of services to choose from. We also provide coupons to save your hard earned cash and keep the pests from costing you even more.

Call 501-663-9464 or contact us online to get rid of mice or any pests that you don’t want to share a cold night with.


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