Some people think of squirrels as adorable nut-hoarding rodents with bushy, expressive tails. Others see them as cuddly creatures that they want as a pet. However, experts often categorize them as problem animals that overrun suburban neighborhoods. These general perceptions are augmented considerably when you have a squirrel wreaking havoc in your attic.

Usually, the problem starts with suspicious pounding or rustling noises that come from overhead. In an attic or confined space, squirrels can make a surprising amount of noise. It might even sound like someone is stomping on your roof. The noise level is one indicator of how destructive these critters are. Initially, squirrels will cause damage as they enter the attic through a soffit, vent or small opening. Then, they’ll go to work mutilating wood, insulation and electrical wires. They may even chew their way through the ceiling and into your family’s living spaces. This type of damage can happen unexpectedly because many homeowners have difficultly pin-pointing the source of the noise, since squirrels can be active in several parts of a home.

Structural damage is the main concern, but these rodents can cause several other potential problems. Because they chew wires and disturb insulation, they can pose potential fire hazards. You might also worry what might happen if a family member were to encounter one of these unwelcome invaders. Like other rodents, squirrels will bite when threatened and are known to transmit a number of nasty diseases. That’s why it’s important to contact a company that offers squirrel pest control. Our professionals can trap and relocate the animal, remove contaminated building materials, and identify entry points.

If you’re having a problem with squirrels in the attic and are thinking “I really need to find pest removal near me,” give The Bug Man a call at 501-663-9464, or phone one of our local offices in central Arkansas. You can also use our contact page to schedule an appointment or to request a free estimate. We specialize in humane wildlife removal and pest control services.


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