If you’re hearing things go bump in the night, and sometimes in the day as, chances are it’s not your imagination. It’s not at all unusual to wind up with uninvited guests whose natural habitat is outside but who like to make themselves at home in your attic.

Squirrels generally live in trees but if they can find a way into your attic they will certainly make themselves at home.

And not just squirrels. Other animals, such as raccoons, possums, rats, bats, and birds will take up residence in your attic if they can find a way in. Once in, they want to stay in, with their droppings creating more and more of a health hazard as they accumulate, chewing on wiring, which can jeopardize your home and your safety, keeping you up at night with their nocturnal foraging, and sometimes even venturing into your living quarters.

And besides damaging your home, squirrels will often become aggressive if cornered, and their bite can transmit disease.

But you don’t have to live with a squirrel problem in the attic, or any other unwelcome guest for that matter, not with The Bug Man standing by to trap them safely and humanely, and get them out of your hair (and your attic).

The Bug Man will come to your home, assess the situation to determine just what animal is causing the problem, and will then deploy the appropriate live traps to humanely take the critter into custody and remove it from your home and back into the wild.

Since 1976, The Bug Man has been Arkansas’ trusted name in rodent control and pest eradication, earning the loyalty of our customers year after year. Give our experts a call at 501-663-9464, or contact us online and The Bug Man will evict your uninvited guests and we’ll even help you find their entry spots so you can keep them out for good.


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