As spring prepares to give way to summer you might think you’ll have a respite from animals trying to make your house their home, especially in the attic. Unfortunately, you’d think wrong. Although animal infestations are more common in wintertime as animals of various types seek refuge from the cold, safety from predators, and a nice handy food source, infestations can and do happen all year round. After all, they love everything you love about your home, and all they need is a way inside.

Here are a few of the most common critters you’re likely to see (or hear) and when they are most likely to pull up in the moving van:

  • Squirrels: Late summer and late winter are peak times for squirrels because females typically have two litters per year. You won’t notice much probably until the little ones are four to five weeks old, usually sometime in March and again in September, at which time you’ll think the Dallas Cowboys are living up there.
  • Rats and Mice: Winter may be peak season but rats and mice like the easy life as much as the next guy so they’re subject to move in anytime.
  • Raccoons: These furry bandits are more common in March and April when the females need a place to raise their young and again in November or December when things start cooling down again.
  • Bats: Maternity colonies are a problem in early to late summer, climaxing in August when the baby bats start crawling down the walls and into the house, which will get your attention really fast.
  • Opossums: Females have their offspring in late spring or early summer, so a female with young will be the most likely intruders of that species in coming weeks. Adult groups looking for a warmer spot to sleep are more likely in winter.

Animals in your attic are unpleasant, noisy, and create a hazard for you, your family, your pets, your guests, and can even do irreparable damage to your home. Plus, the smell of animals residing in your attic attracts more animals, so the problem just keeps growing.

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