When looking for pest control services in Little Rock to rid your home of insect invaders, The Bug Man comes to mind immediately, but we hope you remember we’re not all about bugs. If it’s birds that are driving you batty you’ll want the top name in bird removal.

And that just happens to be The Bug Man, too.

We’ve all seen those cute little bird houses around town and out in the country that have sparrows, or martins, or yellow-breasted sapsuckers and whatnot hovering around. Birds love ‘em, too, and they much prefer a nice, comfy indoor space to a tree branch that leaves them exposed to weather and predators.

Problem is, birds see your attic as one great big birdhouse, complete with central heat and air, and a perfect place to stretch their legs and spread their wings while raising a family. All while damaging your home and driving you crazy.

Take your home back by calling The Bug Man! Let our trained experts in pest control and animal removal round up your robins and relocate them humanely to a place where they’ll feel more welcome. A place that’s more like their natural habitat and less like your attic.

The Bug Man philosophy is to do what it takes to keep your home pest free and make sure uninvited guests of the crawling, slithering, and flying kind get out and stay out (sorry, we don’t do unemployed in-laws). Our employees are trained in the latest removal techniques and have the most up-to-date equipment to do the job right. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

Call The Bug Man today at 501-663-9464 or contact us online for a free estimate. And, because we believe referrals from satisfied customers are the absolute best form of advertising, you can save money when you refer a friend, and your friend will save too!

The Bug Man. Arkansas’ pest control experts since 1976!


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